Vehicle Design

Developed in conjunction with world leading, Italian styling house Pininfarina and UK design consultancy Transport Design International (TDI), the futuristic aesthetics of the VECTUS vehicles set a new standard in public transport design.

VECTUS currently offers two types of vehicle: the PRT and the GRT:


The standard ‘PRT’ vehicle carries between six and eight seated passengers, plus an additional (up to six) standees.


The ‘GRT’ is a 50-60 passenger version with a variable mix of both seated and standing passengers.


Ultimately, the optimum capacity of either vehicle is a function of the maximum permissible laden weight which may include: luggage, prams, bicycles etc. Both types of vehicle are very spacious, with large windows to a create a light and attractive interior as well as provide exceptional 360 degree viewing for tourists.


Vehicle Features

Standard features of all vehicles include facing bench seats with armrests, air conditioning, reading lights and ‘infotainment’ using the onboard LCD screens. Wheelchairs can also be accommodated by lifting up one of the bench seats.


The vehicle running-wheels are made of a solid, specially-developed polymer which offers very low rolling friction, low curve friction and extremely high resistance to wear.


The wheels run on a steel rail, which, combined with the aerodynamic design of the vehicle, affords very low energy consumption. The provision of air suspension in the bogies provides a smooth and comfortable ride.


The vehicles can be aesthetically modified according to specific customer tastes, branding and aspirations to complement/blend with the local environment.

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