Infrastructure - Track

The philosophy behind the Vectus track design has been to develop a low-cost rail and guidance system which can be applied to a variety of lightweight supporting structures.


The guide-way concept is robust yet simple and will meet varying requirements and local conditions. This enables the architect or system designer to develop a track solution which is tailored to the requirements of each application.


The track is completely passive and is suitable for elevated, ground or tunnel applications. There are no moving parts in the switches because the switching is done on-board the vehicle and mechanical guidance is provided by guide rails. This means that the vehicles are inherently, mechanically locked onto the guide-way which is one of the key features for creating a high level of safety within the system.


A low vehicle height facilitates the integration of stations into buildings. The height required from any load-bearing structure to the top of the running rail is less than 10 cms and the total height of the complete rail structure (running and guide) is less than 30 cms.


The track itself is manufactured from standard box and angle section steel profiles which are retained back to the supporting structure of either lightweight concrete, or steel beam construction according to environmental demands. Additionally, if on-board propulsion is used, a continuous currect collection system carrying nominally 500 VDC is clamped on either side of the track.