An international team of expert designers, engineers and specialist suppliers from the railway, automotive and rapid transit industries have collaborated to develop the technology behind VECTUS Intelligent People Movers.

VECTUS selects and adapts the appropriate technology and system solutions to fulfil the requirements of each individual application based on criteria such as capacity requirements, local environmental conditions and specific customer needs. The drive system can be optimally selected according to specific requirements such as the local climate. For instance, a high volume of vehicles operating at very short headways, in a harsh winter climate, can be most effectively run and controlled with a propulsion system using linear induction motors (LIM). LIMs are independent of the friction between the wheels and the track and are virtually noiseless. With a less dense system, or in warmer climates such as in India and the Middle East, it can be more economical to utilise direct (on-board) motor drive to the bogies.


At the core of the VECTUS technology is the safety-approved control system with features such as distributed, asynchronous, dynamic moving blocks and CBCT (communications based train control). It is independent of the propulsion system with each vehicle being individually controlled. It adjusts the speed, and on the basis of that speed, also the required distance to the vehicle in front in order to optimise traffic flow. At higher traffic densities, this gives a significantly improved throughput compared to more conventional 'synchronous control' and 'fixed block' systems.The ingenuity and flexibility of the control system, which differentiates Vectus from its competition, affords high capacity, savings in travel/waiting time, easy system expansion, and convenient adaptation to a specific applications without impacting on the overall safety of the system.



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