Vectus - Technology

VECTUS' technology has been developed by an international team of expert designers and specialist suppliers from the railway, automotive and rapid transit industries.



  • Overview

    An international team of expert designers, engineers and specialist suppliers from the railway, automotive and rapid transit industries have collaborated to develop the technology behind VECTUS Intelligent People Movers.

  • Infrastructure - Track

    The philosophy behind the Vectus track design has been to develop a low-cost rail and guidance system which can be applied to a variety of lightweight supporting structures.

  • Infrastructure - Station

    Stations typically comprise a series of boarding positions along a separate lane of track which is spurred off the main line.

  • Vehicle Design

    Developed in conjunction with world leading, Italian styling house Pininfarina and UK design consultancy Transport Design International (TDI), the futuristic aesthetics of the VECTUS vehicles set a new standard in public transport design.

  • Vehicle Propulsion

    The optimum choice of propulsion specified for any new VECTUS system is determined in accordance with individual customer operating requirements and environment.

  • Control System

    VECTUS offers a highly flexible control system, tailored to each specific project.

  • System Emulator

    VECTUS has developed its own, very sophisticated system emulation tool. The complete structure of all processing power is built up in the emulator exactly as it would be required for the real transport system.

  • Communications

    VECTUS vehicles are equipped with high tech communications equipment which manages, at various levels, the safety and security of passengers.

  • Performance

    The operation performance of any VECTUS system can be easily modified and adjusted without affecting the intrinsic principles of the safety control system.

  • Safety and Reliability

    The overall safety process of the VECTUS system follows the standard EN 50126/IEC62278 "Railway applications – specification and demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)". This is a standard which is recognised throughout the world.