Our Vision

To effect a significant step change in urban transport technology to enhance human mobility.

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) has the potential for substantial market growth as it is able not only to complement and optimise the efficiency of conventional public transit systems, it is also able to replace them with a more cost, time and environmentally efficient alternative. 


VECTUS provides an attractive, safe, secure and individual method of transportation with unparalleled services. It boasts advantages such as reduced capital and operating costs as well as a minimal environmental impact. VECTUS intends to be the world’s leading provider of PRT solutions and the creator of standards by designing and delivering a new level of transport services to meet passengers’ current and future requirements.


As a leading pioneer of the PRT industry, VECTUS firmly believes that its advanced solutions will stimulate new investment in transportation infrastructure. Passion for creating a more sustainable transport method and determination to improve worldwide public transportation opportunities, have been the driving forces behind our concentrated efforts to develop this technology.