VECTUS PRT Concept and Test Track Experience

Published on Thursday 1st January 2009

ABSTRACT of paper presented at the APM-ATS Conference in 2009

PRT, Personal Rapid Transit, is a transportation concept with small vehicles on a low-weight structure offering a high level of service to its passengers. Vectus, with operations in Korea and Sweden, is at the forefront of PRT technology. Vectus has built a test track in Sweden where the system functionality and performance has been verified. Authority approval has been obtained including a complete safety case. The test track concept and the key features of the Vectus system are described along with the current operational experience. This includes two full winter seasons, proving the system’s capability to cope with various ice and snow conditions. Test activities are now in the final stages of reliability and endurance testing, verifying the long term operational aspects of the system.



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