The Track to Suncheon: Making APMs Intelligent

Published on Friday 26th April 2013

ABSTRACT of paper presented at APM-ATS Conference in 2013

This paper discusses the notion that the traditional concept of an APM can be developed from a simple line-haul system into a fully automated transit network (ATN) using smaller vehicles and more sophisticated control technology. Implicate in this ambition is the need to adopt a robust safety regime, which is not excessively complex or expensive to implement. At the present time, it is believed Vectus is the only vendor in the world offering a rail based PRT solution which conforms to internationally accepted mass transit and people mover standards for construction and safety. These issues are discussed within the context of the first commercial project being implemented by Vectus, in Suncheon bay South Korea, which will demonstrate the potential of this pioneering technology. Suncheon will showcase Vectus’s design-led approach, working with world class partners such as Pininfarina in Italy, and lightweight vehicle engineering using state-of-the-art, carbon fibre composites and a revolutionary new type of space-frame bogie.



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